Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Postage and Postage

Five of these postage stamp blocks have not been shown yes, there may have been a small amount of sewing that has happened since I last published. Also, I did manage to get the give away packages mailed off today...due to arrive to the winners on Monday. 

Molly noticed that one of the packages is being sent to Virginia, her home state. She now thinks I should rearrange the fabric based on the number of times it's been moved across the country. She is looking for things for me to do because she is alarmed at my sloth.  And she does not think that I should include "be Molly's heated bed" as an item on my "to do" list.

Buddy is surprised to learn I have a "to do" list so Molly puts "teach Buddy about sarcasm" on her "to do" list.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Winners and Whining

 Here are three new zipper blocks.

And here are three more...but WHY WHY WHY does everything have to devolve into some weird conceptual performance art?

Now...time to announce the three winners (that may have been picked by a random number generator with a bias toward teenagers...)

13. Nikki

16. Susan 

17. Shirley

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Giveaway presented by Vanna Gray and White

Today Molly (aka Vanna) is my presenter. Now that she is the only cat/kitten in the family, she may begin to take her responsibilities more seriously. Here she is showing the recent postage stamp blocks as a reminder that it is time for the scrap giveaway. And this time I may mix it up by sending out two larger boxes rather than three smaller boxes. (Haven't quite worked this out yet).

For the giveaway, if you are in the U.S. reachable by USPS, please feel free to leave a comment as your entry for a random drawing. In your comment, please let me know what kind of fabric you are looking scraps, batiks, novelty, roses, cats... I also appreciate a way to contact you if you are a no-reply blogger. 

After I pick the winners, I will pretend that I'm your local free table and send you a box of what you are looking for (hopefully).

In this case, the green scraps are from an estate sale I went to today. The quilter kept her fabric in bins by project. I thought I was picking up a bin of green scraps, but it was really a work in progress. She had embroidered four large Christmas panels...except one had a stain and a hole in it. I assume it was at that point that everything was packed away including green embroidery floss. She had a cat so Buddy and Molly found the bins FASCINATING!

And speaking of works in progress, here are some microspools I finished recently. I have finished all the darker spools and am now working on the light spacer spools.

And here is Molly showing you that the bird of the month is Toucan.

Last and least, today we found out that foster puppies also enjoy Molly's heated bed.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Zip It

Today I decided to add three zipper blocks to my collection. I have piles of fabric in pairs waiting to be cut in two inch strips. After I work through the pile, I will have enough blocks, plus or minus some number.

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce Buddy the Foster Puppy. He was being very mean to his sister Molly Kitten so she unadopted him. This puts him back to foster status. However, given foster kittens now have their own youtube channel, fancy digs, too many toys and endowments, Molly also demoted Buddy from cat to puppy. We're still negotiating what that means and are narrowing down the treatment to somewhere between "lots of beatings" and "same old, same old."

And yes, we had a memorial service for the bits of paper and ribbon formerly known as the "butterfly toy." Yes, the stand still works and there is a replacement butterfly, but I think we all need a bit of a time out. The butterfly needs the longest time out.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

All In One

How is this for efficiency? A recent postage stamp block, a cat and an owl. One would be forgiven for forgetting that September is owl month or that there ever was a project called "Put a Bird On It." Also, one would be forgiven for not recognizing the mangled wad of felted wool as a carefully handcrafted owl...recrafted by Molly to resemble a well-loved cat toy (not available at Kitten Academy). I made two new postage stamp blocks and now realize this might be one that I have already shown. I think I'm about to receive a demerit.

Monday, September 28, 2020

What Next?

Hopefully this will go down in history as the longest time it ever takes to write a blog post. I think it started last week. My computer decided to shut down in protest over all of the divisiveness...not political...but between computer programs. I, of course, thought it was a virus. But apparently, my virus program was having an argument with my operating system, or maybe it was Adobe. 

With the help of Apple support, I am up again with a new operating system but every time I go to do something, the operating system decides to do something else. I wanted to pull up my photos, but instead my photo library had to be reinstalled...AND CURATED? 

Unfortunately this meant that Molly couldn't share her good news...I bought her a new heated bed because her brother Buddy keeps using hers. And she likes the box it came in very much.

When I first started having computer problems, I first went to Buddy to get his expertise. This was a mistake. 

And if you are a fan of Kitten Academy, you would be well aware that the latest toy sensation is the fluttering spinning butterfly. 

I would give the toy a highish rating for keeping them busy a long time. Buddy would take away a few stars because the butterfly was not at all tasty. I would give the butterfly an extra star because Buddy could not destroy it within five minutes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Enough Postage?

 I finished three more postage stamp blocks and now I have enough for a 7 by 9 block quilt (roughly 56 inches by 72 inches). Or I could make nine more and make an 8 by 9 block quilt or seventeen more or...

I have been adding more light blocks and now think I need more dark blocks and orange. Also, looking at this on the computer I can see that the layout of the blocks needs some attention.

Meanwhile, those of you who visit Kitten Academy may be watching the new litter of kittens intently. The first born was all white, the second all black, another all gray like the mother and then one tuxedo and one gray and white. However, the all white kitten can't make up its mind and is now darkening its ears and tails. Another example of a colorpoint is Buddy, shown here at roughly three months.

Here is Buddy pretending to like subtle neutral tones favoring brown to gray. Buddy is also still pretending to be a kitten.

And here is a recent photo of Buddy, long after his warranty has expired.

Molly would like to clarify for the record that we adopted Buddy not for his looks but due to his defective personality coupled with ineffectual and incompetent fostering.