Friday, December 14, 2018

Fiddling with the Stars

I made enough of the string diamonds to make two quilts...not on purpose of course. Looking at these first stars, I think I will divide the diamonds into light and dark and put the beige on the darker diamonds and the blue on the lighter diamonds. This may work out better in my head than reality.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bunny Layers

We get our next clue for Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune mystery tomorrow. And this morning I gathered up all the bits that were flying around and combined them into one of the cutting board. That left some empty room on the cutting table, so I cleared the rest of it and began the second layer of the bunny quilt. The major drawback of my approach is that now that the bunny quilt top is stitched to the batting, I need to take the pins out and then attach the back.

I also have to make the back...I'm using the Dear Stella bunnies. And you may notice that the bunnies are all sitting in one direction on the back (instead of tossed). So my goal will be to have both sides of the backing facing in the same direction and match that to the bunnies on the front.

Molly wants to help but we have different opinions about what the word "help" means.

Recently, Molly's naughty dial has gotten stuck on 11. 

Buddy only has a switch that is flipped to Buddy.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Quilt Guild Meeting Recovery

Last night was our quilt guild meeting, and once again I came home with a nice bundle of fabric. And because I had gone through and sorted my fabric bins, I took a much bigger load of fabric to the meeting than I went home one modest goal.

And here are the mini spools (unfinished two inches square) that I made from the smaller patches from the "free table." These spools require a one by six inch strip of fabric for the spool and two 1 by 2 inch strips of the background it's good to make the smaller scraps into spools before they disappear into the general fray of the sewing room.

Sue Spargo is coming to speak to our guild and give a workshop in February, and last night we received our beautiful kits so we can get a head start. Unfortunately, I did not get a "before" picture of the kit, so this is what it looks like after Molly performed her highly scientific authenticity analyses (HSAA). To the untrained eye the HSAA looks a lot like attacking and biting and kicking. In any case, the kit passed and is authentic wool. 

For those in the area, I should mention that the Sue Spargo workshop is now open to those not in the guild, so if you are interested, you can find information about it here.

I should also mention that Northwest Quilters are having their quilt show on March 22-23, 2019 at the Expo Center here in Portland. You can enter a quilt in the show even if you are not a member. However, the quilts must be delivered to a drop-off depots before the show and picked up afterward. You can find more information about entering the show here. The entry deadline is February 11, 2019 although the quilt doesn't have to be finished until it is dropped off.

I'm also putting together all of the extra string pieced diamonds. It turns out I have enough to make another quilt, so this one is going to feature blue and beige.

Here is Buddy attempting a rainy day cat pose. I'll wait until you stop laughing. And while I mentioned that I spent the weekend crushed by a boulder, Molly reports that Buddy's blog described a weekend of meditation while perched on a log decaying in a field of fabric.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Clue Three

Here are a subset of my clue 3 blocks for Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery quilt.

And unlike previous years, the final layout for this quilt is so obvious that I am going ahead and sewing these blocks together.

And yes, I have not been able to blog over the last two days because I was trapped under a boulder. Luckily, Buddy gets up quite often for a snack and that lets me take a breath. He thinks I will mistake him for a cat if he sits on my lap and purrs, but its more the sensation of being in an avalanche...I suppose.

Barbara at Cat Patches was planning to go outside to counteract the short days we have in the Northwest. That is exactly the kind of advice I would give, but not do. And if I were still in Virginia, I would be outside with a snow shovel. Instead, I decided to string my IKEA squirrel lights across the top of my design wall. While I was hanging them, Molly would sneak attack from behind the design wall and bat at them. She decided they were a very boring cat toy because she did not get to activate gravity by having either me or the squirrels fall to the floor.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Back to Tiny Town

With this last pile of teal half-square triangles, Molly certifies that I have successfully completed Clue 2 of Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune mystery.

And along the way I made some more mini spools (2 inches unfinished).

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Return of the Demented Garden Mosaic

Here's the Demented Garden Mosaic (a pattern from Free Spirit) after its been through the first step of machine quilting. Because of its size and the amount of seams, I layered and quilted it to the batting only.

I simply ran down the white squares using white thread. I'm trying not to interfere with the psychotic, I mean, psychedelic pattern.

Next, I will layer on the back and sew through the dark squares with a dark variegated thread. I am going with a garden print from Dear Stella for the's a different garden mosaic. (And I guess growing fish in the garden makes it demented too.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Clue Two Half Square Triangles Continued

Here are the Clue Two half square triangles that I have made so far. I wonder how many I have and how many more I have to make. Molly's special tip for counting pieces is to delegate the task to Buddy.

Buddy estimates that I have made 80 percent of the half square triangles that I need.

Molly thinks Buddy just pulled that number out of his ...