Sunday, July 5, 2020

Curated Free Table Scrap Giveaway: Demented Edition

Wow. I thought there had been a lot of booms, whistles and cracks, but last night was an onslaught. Molly tolerates disruption better than Buddy, but she did have her ears sheared back in disapproval. Buddy wanted to hide but could not find a safe place. So we huddled together with spa treatments and play and cuddles. 

Then at midnight, Molly had her random draw. I put names on slips of paper and pulled three and the winners are:

Miss Pat: My wish is for anything right and happy as well as some fun neutrals. Molly must be wearing herself out making all these decisions. Glad Buddy is happy to just sit back and observe.

Cathy of Sane, Crazy, Crumby QuiltingI've caught PSP20, thank you very much, but don't have many solids so I know I won't be caught up in any other pandemics. Your PSP20 has progressed but when will you see the end of it? 
I would browse the free table for neutrals because I am very low on those for backgrounds as well as solids or bright TOTs.

Gayle of MangofeetAll your postage stamp blocks together are magnificent! I thought I needed stripes, but after you sent me off to get even MORE inspiration at Klein Meisje (which was downright cruel of you because I'm already up to my clavicles in new starts) it's starting to look like I might need more solids. 

This selection was random, but I would expect there to be some (Buddy) who are quite suspicious. He is right to observe that Cathy and Gayle are the two people who forced me to make the Demented Garden quilt against my will.  And although they might be able to afflict my psyche to disrupt my behavior, Buddy and I have found no one able to affect Molly's behavior, including a TSA agent. 

In any case, I will be having another scrappy giveaway signup at the beginning of August (assuming we get there). Meanwhile, its time to burrow into some fabric.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Koala and Friend

So it turns out that Australia doesn't have meet Mr. Koala and his new best friend.

And here are some more postage blocks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

July Free Table Giveaway

Last month I had a scrap give-away because I was missing the free table at my local quilt guilds. There is a lot to scraps, dropping off free scraps, rummaging through "strange" fabric and talking trash (I mean, having thoughtful, insightful discussions of what people are looking for). For example, I would never have taken Alicia as a fan of minions. And I thoroughly enjoyed wallowing in my stash looking for pigs, so I definitely wanted to run another one.

If you are a refined member of the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, you might be wondering if you have enough dark blue to get you through the month. Or maybe you don't have enough lights, or darks, or novelty prints. Your task is to leave a comment below specifying what kind of scraps you're looking for. Molly will pick one or two random numbers and then I'll fulfill the order. Unfortunately, given the cost of international shipping, this give away only applies to those in the U.S.

I will collect comments through Saturday July 4, midnight PST and announce the winner on July 5.

And a discussion of postage immediately brings to mind pandemics and the PSP20 (Postage Stamp Pandemic of 2020). You might also be wondering when Zippers are going to spread enough to be called a pandemic. Scientists are already at work studying the Cake Stand. And I'm sure you know that there is a lot of finger pointing in the direction of Lynn Dykstra and Klein Mesije Quilts, but the truly scary part is that all of these quilt viruses are stemming from one idea: making a ships quilt using prints and solids. And to help with the contagion, Lynn has a label "solids on prints series" so you catch multiple quilt viruses at once (note to forgot about ladders...).

And here's a Blue Jay to remind you to leave a comment case you came back and didn't wander off into the land of contagion. After all, you now might be in need of some solids...

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Collecting Postage Stamp Blocks

Here are the latest postage stamp blocks. I need to collect together enough postage stamps for another free table giveaway. Signups will be tomorrow...I thought I would have it on the first day of the month. It's one of the days that is a bit harder to lose track of. And I don't think I'll run the signup as long. But that's for tomorrow's post.

And if anyone remembers my failed "Put a Bird On It" Challenge...the bird for July is the Blue Jay.

And Molly is preparing for the free table giveaway too...but this time she is going to make sure that none of her toys slip into a package like last time. Well...maybe the flopping fish...

Monday, June 29, 2020

Zippers and Australian Squirrels

Here is the recent batch of zipper blocks...but wait...I think something is wrong with one of them.

Yes, something is wrong indeed. This appears to be an Australian Squirrel. Luckily, it's on the small's about 7 inches wide. And yes, that means that for some of it I used .75 inch strips. Those microspools have disrupted my sense of scale.

And speaking of scales...the scales of justice have convicted Buddy of his crimes. As part of his sentence, he received a new banana catnip toy, a new mouse toy, and an extended session of laser mouse. He also received two spa treatments, although he would have gotten those anyway. He was hoping for a stiffer sentence, including exclusive rights to the warden's lap and Molly's bed, but Molly objected.

As you can tell, feline justice is a bit different...but if you know Jackson Galaxy or any of the other cat whisperer types, they all assure us that if a cat is acting out it is because they aren't getting enough play, attention or stimulation.

And I'm sure that there are no cats that have learned to work the system.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Zippers and spools and crime

Here are the recent additions to the zipper blocks and a bunch of microspools came along for the ride. Remember, orange is the new neutral.

And crime solved! Two days ago I found a mangled skein of white yarn in the bedroom. It was obviously the fault of Buddy, the career criminal in the family. And he wouldn't tell me where he got it, which proved his guilt. Then this morning, there were three bright skeins of yarn in the bedroom, all mangled. I still had no clue where the scoundrel was getting the yarn.

(Aside: I realize I am unlike most quilters and have yarn stashed away for knitting projects or in case I somehow learn to crochet.)

Then later today, I found Molly in the living room beating up a skein of purple yarn. I explained to her that she should be punishing Buddy the criminal...not the victim, in this case the skein of yarn.

I did take time to try and figure out where these skeins were coming from...but there was nothing obvious...that was until I saw Molly's backside sticking out of a bag that was tucked inside a basket. She was showing me where the skeins were coming from so Buddy could finally be brought to justice.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Micro spools return

Here are some micro spools (finished size 1.5 inches square). I have lots and lots already cut ready to be sewn. They live near the sewing machine. I am always sewing a few along with the other projects. I'm not organized enough about it to call it a leader and ender project.

Molly is not very happy about my watching Kitten Academy live when I have a Live Kitten Academic in the here and now. She was sitting in her cupboard above the refrigerator calling to me to pay attention to her. She was showing her full diva self until I pulled out the camera and she started posing. Right now she is in the office closet yelling at me to open up the door to the crawlspace...that I never open for her.

And here is Buddy protecting all the blocks that Molly has knocked to the floor at the base of the design wall. He has begun playing with his turbo roller again...I think its because he can hear the sound from the Kitten Academy live stream.