Friday, August 17, 2018

Spool Collection

These are the latest and last additions to my spool collection.

Here are the spools sorted by color. I have 419 spools, but only need 400. My next step is to sew them into blocks of four spools. At that time I'll move them to the design wall and spend some time arranging them as Molly sees fit.

And speaking of Molly and fitting, she would like you to know that she can fit through the throat area of my sewing machine, so it is has the correct feline fit. We did have a laugh at the thought of Buddy the pony trying and getting his head stuck.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Chaos returns

I thought I had cleaned and organized my sewing room, but apparently that was just a dream. I sorted all the spools by color so Buddy could find spools made from the same fabric and remove duplicates. Instead, he found the spools were infested with laser pointer red dots that required his immediate attention.

And this is the pile of 1.5 inch strips that I am raiding to feed into about three projects that I have started within the last couple of days.

And this is Buddy and Molly's solution to my cat toy storage system. Buddy likes to keep his toys in the bedroom so he can play with them during the night. So he steals toys from storage and drops them off at various points between the sewing room and the bedroom. He thinks that the best alarm clock for staff is a fur ball dropped on the face.

Over time, I've tried various storage methods for containing my mess. Two years ago when we lived in Virginia, I used plastic bins.

Last year, when we were living in the apartment, I used plastic bags for temporary storage.

And then last year, when we first moved into this house, I tried storing decorative items on the fireplace mantel. I guess its all a work in progress that requires life long learning.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Winding Down on Spools

One of the treats of going to our local guild meeting is the free pile where we can drop off scraps and/or pick up scraps. And this month the pile was huge. I do have a rule that I have to take in more than I take back home.

These are the spools that I made from the fabric that I got from the free pile. Obviously I couldn't pass up the spool fabric given I'm making spools. However, I do think I have that fabric somewhere but in a different colorway.

I also borrowed from a huge bin of 1.5 inch strips I had accrued. Originally they were collected to make scrappy log cabins. But lately I have been raiding this bin for the postage stamp and coin blocks for the rainbow scrappy challenge. I'm also preparing to make another spiderweb quilt. And now the bin is contributing spools.

And while I am making the last bunches of spools that I need for the quilt, Buddy is testing out a variety of layouts. This is his favorite so far. Molly thinks the layout is too modern and does not use the negative space effectively.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Buddy and Molly

I guess its time for me to admit that Molly and I are having problems with Buddy. Each morning he gets up all excited and full of himself because he just loves his first breakfast. Then he runs to the living room because he is very excited to play laser mouse. After that, he goes and finishes his breakfast. Then he spends the day napping, cuddling and being held. Even at the end of the day, when he senses its bedtime he runs to the bedroom in happy anticipation of another favorite time of day.

As Molly explains it, Buddy wants the rewards of being a cat without putting in the work of a cat.

For example, its a cat's responsibility to turn away from some meals, just because. At playtime, one must take an extremely long time to set up an least as much time as it takes for staff's head to explode. And several times a day, a cat is responsible for yeowing with great urgency for apparently no least enough to make staff's head explode. And at bedtime, a cat must do whatever is necessary to keep staff up, such as exploring the hallway closet and knocking items down to the floor. It is a cat's responsibility to teach staff not to become attached to things. And one of the hardest jobs for a cat is to consistently maintain a look of "nice try" regardless of how much one is enjoying oneself.

So yes, Molly and I are at our wits end trying to explain to Buddy that we will not be happy until he is completely miserable.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Another box of spools

Here are 36 new spools to add to the collection. With only about 50 more to make, I am starting to contemplate the set. I had originally planned on a diagonal set, but now think I will be just as happy with a straight happier when I sew them together. I will probably start sewing them in blocks of four before I try to arrange them on the design floor.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Orange Postage

Here is my orange postage block, and zounds, does it scream citrus. I think this is my favorite block so far this year. If you would like to dive into more August orange, please visit the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, the blog host for all this scrappy fun.

As for Buddy's recount, he continued to leap and slide into the spool blocks. And by this morning he had identified 12 spools made from the same fabric. We removed these double counted blocks and 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

(Attention: Molly just stood on the keyboard and redacted the last part of this post...either because it revealed top secret material or featured too much Buddy.)

Friday, August 10, 2018


I live in a contentious household. Yesterday I announced I had 330 spools out of the 400 I need. Buddy demanded a recount and insisted on conducting it himself.