Friday, January 8, 2021

Bunnies Revisited

It is quite nice to have an empty design wall again. Even if it immediately gets over run with bunnies. These were the original bunnies I made when I designed the pattern. Then I switched to plaid bunnies. Now its time to pull these bunnies together...well, after I move a few around. 

And, I would like to say sorry, not sorry to those of you who recently received demerits from Molly for thinking that I was the granny dress type of person in high school and not a bare-footed hippie. My honor is a reflection on hers, after all. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021



Apparently, for me, 2021 is the year of running late. This is what I had hoped to post for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge 2021 last Saturday. Super spreader Cathy of Sane, Crazy, Crumby quilting is ground zero for this most recent pattern pandemic using the Alison Glass Sun Print pattern. While Gayle of Mangofeet is involved, I'm certain that I got my infection directly from Cathy at Crazy by Design.

And what is a pandemic without a few mutations? So I am going with 3 inch squares and 1.75 inch flip triangles and 1.5 inch border strips. (These are cut, not finished sizes). 

Yesterday was full of surprises. First, USPS delivered the package to Cynthia Brunz a day early. Cynthia was the winner of some low volume fabric, so Molly padded the missing volume in her package with the ugliest fabric on the planet. The second surprise was learning that Cynthia is part cat because she seemed to like the padding more than the actual package. 

In any case, this means I can identify the fabrics from the last post. The top patch is the reproduction fabric followed by the Nancy Crow millennial fabric. Next, are the two prints that were dresses in high school. (And no, I didn't keep my clothes from high school...these dresses have been keep as fabric in my flat folds since the late 70s.)  At the bottom of this batch is a fabric called Ghastlie and while this is the only submerged cat, the other fish in this fabric are also adorably sinister.

At the top of this group is the Kaffe fabric known as Freckles. It came in other colors, as well, but this has been a favorite because it is so deliciously dark and most of the Kaffe fabrics live in the middle value range. Followed by the Kaffe fabric is Tula Pink. After that is Mary Ellen Hopkin's favorite. Following that is, yes, the ugliest fabric on the planet. And what is hard to appreciate in this five inch patch, is that the floral design inadvertently has a linear line up of small flowers that makes streaks across the yardage.

And please note that Molly is assigning two lifetime demerits to anyone who guessed that the last fabric was from a dress I wore in high school. 

Monday, January 4, 2021

Ugliest Fabric Game

Let's begin the new year with an accomplishment. The quilt top for PSP20 (Postage Stamp Pandemic 2020) is finished. And as a reminder, the original source for this infection/confection is Lynn Dykstra at Klein Meisje Quilts where Lynn is working on a series of quilts combining solids and prints. Then the infamous quilt infection super spreader Wanda Hanson at Exuberant Color held several large events where I caught my infection. Of course, Wanda had a very short course with her PSP20 infection while mine lingered for quite a long time. 

This is the only sense of accomplishment for the year, however. Obviously my intention to return to daily blogging ran up against reality. In addition, on New Year's Eve, Buddy awarded me with certification as his support animal. I declined only to learn that that isn't an option. And just to annoy me further, Molly and Buddy decided to have a "Purr Off" this morning...right next to my head. I begged them to use their indoor purrs, but they couldn't hear me screaming.

Last but not least, my new year was met with numerous requests to show the ugliest fabric on the planet. Such negativity to start the new year! Plus that would be a serious spoiler for the "prize" winner. So below I am showing nine different fabrics with five inch squares. And in no particular order, I describe each fabric and leave it to you to match patch and descriptor.

1. Reproduction fabric for the late 1800s named Worn and Loved.

2. Fabric designed by most influential quilter of our life time, Nancy Crow.

3. Fabric from a dress I wore in high school.

4. Fabric from another dress I wore in high school.

5. An adorable design referred to as Ghastlie.

6. One of my all time favorite Kaffe fabrics that is now out of print.

7. An out of print Tula Pink fabric that now sells for out of sight prices.

8. Mary Ellen Hopkin's favorite fabric that she insisted played well with all other fabrics.

9. The ugliest fabric on the planet.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Three Winners!

Molly is delighted to announce the three winners of the fabric giveaway:

Molly is quite the scrap cat. I love playing with other people's scraps and love to be surprised, so I would let you pick what kind if I would be lucky enough to win. Happy New Year! 

If Buddy could manage a nice pile of modern pieces, I'm in. I know he loves color as much as I do, so his choosing (and kicking about) is good enough for me! If a low volume scrap or 10 gets mixed in, even better. Happy Holidays to you and your family, Buddy!

Most of my scrap bins are overflowing except my low volume of course I have plans for a new block that needs them. Maybe Buddy can kick some my way if you have extras.

As you know, this fabric giveaway is a substitute for local quilt guild free tables where you can look for particular stash enhancements. Another nice feature of the free table is being able to clear the riff raff that can find its way into one's stash. And unfortunately for me, after a quilter's estate sale, I found myself accidentally in possession of one of the ugliest fabrics on the planet but no free table to dump it on.

Happily, Molly noticed that Cynthia Brunz asked for low volume fabric. This means, thanks to physics, Molly can tuck the absolutely hideous fabric(s) into the extra volume remaining in the box. Buddy wondered if Cynthia would take this as some kind of challenge to try and use the noxious substances in a quilt, and now Molly and I are crying tears from intense laughing.

Molly would also like to announce a loser...the PSP20 (Postage Stamp Pandemic 2020) quilt top that didn't get finished and will now linger into the new year.