Saturday, October 31, 2020

No Fooling Spooling with Giveaway

 Clearing off the sewing table uncovered the microspool project. I have a couple of boxes of cut and stacked spools, so I made up a handful. These may come in handy if any children stop by for a trick.

The treats are reserved for the "free table" giveaway where you can leave a comment to this post telling me what type of pile of scraps you might like to win. Two or three random winners are picked from the comment section (excluding international (not reached by USPS) and no-reply bloggers with no email address provided). I then pull a selection out of my stash based on what you are looking for: novelties, neutrals, chartreuse, cats and/or birds or even fabric to fill out a color for the new Bonnie Hunter mystery.

And by the way, this giveaway is a lot of fun for me. It has me interacting with my stash in a very different way and I am often surprised by what I find.

Meanwhile musical chairs/bedding continues in the sewing room. Gayle of Mangofeet thought we were following the usual rules of one chair per butt...but in the sewing room its really more of a competitive sport. Here is Molly in her new heated bed--a smaller version--that I bought for her after Buddy took over her large heated bed. 

Here is Buddy taking over Molly's smaller bed because...well, just because.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Protest Post


I have spent most of this month cleaning up my sewing room...which to the casual observer primarily looks like someone curled up in a ball on the floor. Intermittently, I also made more postage stamp blocks.  I have six more to make before I start sewing the blocks together.

Molly thinks I'm selfish and should share her beauty poses with the world. She also wants to show off her new chair that she learned about from her favorite shopping channel: Every Saturday they open mail and packages from viewers. Since this can take a while, the moderator got a floor chair (a lounger type thing without legs) to use during those filming sessions. I thought that was a great idea because I desperately needed a place to sit in the sewing room. Every chair I use gets taken over by Molly.  A case in point...

However, in this household, everything is eventually taken over by Big Head, I mean Buddy.

While Molly still likes the shopping channel, she doesn't approve of the new kittens at Kitten Academy which are obviously just computer generated images of kittens. These new "kittens" just have one adorable pose after another without the mischief that the WeeBops displayed. Bring Back the WeeBops!

These kittens are so obviously computer-generated that they aren't even kept in their room with the door closed. The other cats in the household (the faculty) and the kittens can intermingle, except they don't because the kittens aren't really there...just CGI. 

Meanwhile, time is playing its own tricks and somehow the very long month of October has raced to the end. I am going to have another fabric giveaway for November...where I will open up the giveaway starting tomorrow on Halloween (Saturday) and then announcing the winners on "Election Night"(Tuesday). Any requests for orange fabric will be ignored.

Here in Oregon, "election day" is a historical footnote and filling out the ballot is done at home with the help of cats to ensure a perfect score.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Postage and Postage

Five of these postage stamp blocks have not been shown yes, there may have been a small amount of sewing that has happened since I last published. Also, I did manage to get the give away packages mailed off today...due to arrive to the winners on Monday. 

Molly noticed that one of the packages is being sent to Virginia, her home state. She now thinks I should rearrange the fabric based on the number of times it's been moved across the country. She is looking for things for me to do because she is alarmed at my sloth.  And she does not think that I should include "be Molly's heated bed" as an item on my "to do" list.

Buddy is surprised to learn I have a "to do" list so Molly puts "teach Buddy about sarcasm" on her "to do" list.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Winners and Whining

 Here are three new zipper blocks.

And here are three more...but WHY WHY WHY does everything have to devolve into some weird conceptual performance art?

Now...time to announce the three winners (that may have been picked by a random number generator with a bias toward teenagers...)

13. Nikki

16. Susan 

17. Shirley

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Giveaway presented by Vanna Gray and White

Today Molly (aka Vanna) is my presenter. Now that she is the only cat/kitten in the family, she may begin to take her responsibilities more seriously. Here she is showing the recent postage stamp blocks as a reminder that it is time for the scrap giveaway. And this time I may mix it up by sending out two larger boxes rather than three smaller boxes. (Haven't quite worked this out yet).

For the giveaway, if you are in the U.S. reachable by USPS, please feel free to leave a comment as your entry for a random drawing. In your comment, please let me know what kind of fabric you are looking scraps, batiks, novelty, roses, cats... I also appreciate a way to contact you if you are a no-reply blogger. 

After I pick the winners, I will pretend that I'm your local free table and send you a box of what you are looking for (hopefully).

In this case, the green scraps are from an estate sale I went to today. The quilter kept her fabric in bins by project. I thought I was picking up a bin of green scraps, but it was really a work in progress. She had embroidered four large Christmas panels...except one had a stain and a hole in it. I assume it was at that point that everything was packed away including green embroidery floss. She had a cat so Buddy and Molly found the bins FASCINATING!

And speaking of works in progress, here are some microspools I finished recently. I have finished all the darker spools and am now working on the light spacer spools.

And here is Molly showing you that the bird of the month is Toucan.

Last and least, today we found out that foster puppies also enjoy Molly's heated bed.