Saturday, September 3, 2022


 Memories of running out of time when quilting Sheepish (the sheep quilt), gave me an incentive to get En Provence layered and quilted. Hopefully, given I finished in one day and had no help, there will be no wandering safety pins. The fish seem happy to be a backing but they may think that they are going to France instead of being punctured a thousand times with a needle and thread.

And here is poor Buddy suffering deeply while his sister cleans his face.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Microspools and FOMO

 I managed to make some more microspools during August. Half of the blocks for this quilt will be light and the other half dark...and as one might expect I have many fewer light microspools. And because this is a charm quilt with each fabric being different, I can't just make a bunch more out of one of the light fabrics. We must abide by the arbitrary rules we make up for ourselves!

Also, I would like to announce that Molly and I now call Buddy "FOMO." While Molly is my surveillance system, FOMO fears missing out and he keeps track of everything that Molly and I do so he doesn't miss a playtime, spa time, food morsel or cuddle. And he flops down between Molly and me to make sure nothing gets past him figuratively and literally. Molly makes sure he gets more hisses and bites.