Friday, July 15, 2022

Pin Basting

 I confess that my method for pin basting is inefficient and extremely slow. I have heard of several methods that can considerably speed up the process, such as "I don't have a cat," "My cat is outside," and "I value my self autonomy."

Monday, July 11, 2022


I assume pin basting a sheep quilt is called felting...except its all cotton. And yes, I am using a cotton batting. I asked the sheep if they would like a wool batt and they were horrified at the thought...these sheep are raised for mutton. I was horrified by using a wool batt because Molly adores wool and the last time I layered a wool batt, Molly almost destroyed it (and me) in the process.

Here are the purple bow-tie blocks I made sometime last week. They come in three sizes. The smallest is 2 inches finished.

And here is Buddy trying to "photo edit" Molly's face in real life. 

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Border Fence

 Here is the last border for the sheep fence. As you can see, I'm using sheep leg parts for the border fence. And I will use the black hooves for the binding. 

And I have had this fabric tucked away for quite a while waiting to be the backing fabric.

Here's Buddy in his heated bed...except now it is unplugged and using solar power. 

And I thought I would show off my photo editing prowess again...although it really does take a lot of time. This time I had to use anti-cranky and anti-grumpy filters on top of the "piss-off" adjustment.

And here is the photo after editing...quite a big difference.  I did consider using an anti-glare filter, but thought I might just end up with a puddle of fur.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Complaint Department

First, let me advise you that this complaint department will be making complaints, not taking them. First up, where are the months running off to before I am done with them?  Last year, after the last state fair, I decided I should enter the sheep for 2022...and somehow it's almost a month away or some such nonsense. And I still need at least 3 months just to make the momentous decision: should this have a wool batt?

I am working on the sheep's enclosure and added two sets of 2.5 inch strips around the perimeter. Next I will put up an electric fence to keep them from wandering too far.

And I liked it better in the olden days when surveillance systems were hidden instead of conspicuous, annoying and full of opinions.

And I have heard a lot of complaints about employers, but I have never heard of any that put their feet right where you're trying to work.

And I'd like to blog more regularly, but it takes so much time to edit pictures. Do you realize how long its going to take me to edit the grumpiness and stink eye out of this photo...

to make it look like this. Holy smokes...its already the fifth of July...

To end on a happier is the artichoke plant. It had its own complaints during our brief hot spell, but that's over and now it's time for the artichoke to put on some purple wigs and party. A feast for the it should be.

Here's the view from above.

And speaking of views...if you would like to cool off while watching a combination of jaw-dropping beauty and over-the-top adorable, please check out a recent video from Foresty Forest....