Saturday, April 17, 2021

Blue Patches and Unpatches

Here are some blue patches in many forms from bitcoin to 16 patches to truncated bitcoin. And happily, this week I finished in time to join the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.

And sometimes progress can be made with unpatching in blue. In this case, the roofers came and I no longer have blue tarps on my roof.

Here's the backyard now. The house will be getting its rain gutters next week. And the garden is in a bit of shock going from a partial shade garden to being totally covered in tree debris to being a full sun garden. I'm in a bit of shock myself too because my stash is now a full sun stash as well. Molly does not approve of window coverings, so I am going with stash coverings until I come up with a better idea.

Friday, April 9, 2021



These bloated babies are called slow fish...not because they are slow to make...but to distinguish them from the darting fish.

Of course, I named these darting fish before I sewed them into teams of fish that are forever locked in paralytic confusion.

Meanwhile, I am still fighting tree debris. Admittedly, most of it is gone except there are twigs everywhere and massive hunks of tree that the firewood people didn't take. And just yesterday I found a massive branch that had fallen and was hiding in hedges.

And now I think of everything in terms of debris. I now consider scraps to be fabric debris. Also, yesterday I had the joy of upgrading the operating system of my computer in the hopes that it would resolve my ongoing computer problems. Several programs leave computer debris that cause conflicts slowing the computer to a crawl...I'm looking at you Adobe. And yes, I will omit any accounting of the categories of feline debris.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

What Day Is It?

Is it Saturday? If it is, then here are my blue diamonds to start of the April Blues month at the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. 

 Or maybe its Three Fish Friday?

Of course. It's really Design Floor Wednesday where we show the piles building up at the base of the design wall. We can also show the sad sack draping of the bottom of the design wall. I am still using a temporary design wall that is just a hunk of batting that I clip to some shelving. Molly is obsessed with keeping it clear. First, she tries to knock off the blocks by pulling at the batting from the floor. Then she starts to climb it. The clips don't hold and everything including the Icarus Kitten falls down.