Friday, June 25, 2021

Heat Dome

 One might think that I got a bit overheated in anticipation of the high temperatures that we are expecting this weekend. But I live under a heat dome most of the time, but I just call him Buddy.

Instead, this cat is 12 inches square and I made him for this year's SAQA auction, one of their annual fund raising efforts. He's made almost entirely by hand except for the paper pieced front legs/clown collar, the background and the facing (instead of a binding).  And surprisingly, I finished him a full 5 days before the submission deadline.

I was inspired to make the cat with hand appliqué after watching a few too many Prospective Flow videos on YouTube.  I drew the cat figure trying to replicate a cat from a screen print I made back in August 2012. About all I remembered correctly were the teeth and the odd colors.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Purple Chips

 Here are my purple diamonds to add to my set of rainbow colors for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge

And for those of you that enjoy garden shots, here is a rose growing in my backyard. I had never seen this rose before it started to do this. Due to a locally notorious ice-storm, my backyard transitioned from a shade garden to a sunny garden after six trees attacked my house. This rose, planted by the previous owners, was hiding out under azaleas, and is now enjoying its time in the sun.

And meet Molly's new friend. This cat comes up to our back patio to have staring contests with Molly. Molly takes the visitor in stride. Buddy seems confused, probably wondering how Molly can be in two places at once. The cat seems healthy and is well groomed, so I assume it belongs to a neighbor. But Molly's attraction is strong, because I took this picture after it had started to rain and the cat had moved to beneath the eaves. After I shut the blinds, the cat left. (This was not her first visit.)