Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Postage and Postage

Five of these postage stamp blocks have not been shown yes, there may have been a small amount of sewing that has happened since I last published. Also, I did manage to get the give away packages mailed off today...due to arrive to the winners on Monday. 

Molly noticed that one of the packages is being sent to Virginia, her home state. She now thinks I should rearrange the fabric based on the number of times it's been moved across the country. She is looking for things for me to do because she is alarmed at my sloth.  And she does not think that I should include "be Molly's heated bed" as an item on my "to do" list.

Buddy is surprised to learn I have a "to do" list so Molly puts "teach Buddy about sarcasm" on her "to do" list.


  1. Postage blocks are looking so good together...nice work (I am slothful also this week...must be in the air!!)
    Hugs, Julierose

  2. I think the concept of sarcasm is going to come as a surprise to Buddy...

  3. What a beautiful photo of your cat.

  4. the postage stamp is lovely... Molly looks regal

  5. I received my awesome package from you last night. What wonderful fabrics! I really don't know how you could have given away a couple of the pieces. The colors could not be more fall themed and the neutrals are perfect. You must have an amazing stash because a quilt shop could not have put together a better package. I imagine those fabrics will become a leaf quilt. Yesterday, I had pulled out your tiny kitten tutorial and started with some kitten blocks. Such a fun block. Thank you for my wonderful package and also the tutorials that you post.