Thursday, January 9, 2014

Here is the QOV quilt top with its final borders. Although I have never been a fan of prewashing my fabric, I've had quilt bleeding problems lately so I now dutifully prewash all fabric for QOVs. However, before I quilt it, I think I will give the quilt top a soak to see how prewashing paid off. And, of course, I'm giving this a 12 hour soak based on Vicki W.'s instructions (even using the hypoallergenic Dawn although it certainly isn't fragrence free).
As per instructions, I am holding the quilt top under water using plastic containers filled with water. And no, that is NOT the color of the water that comes out of the well or the water treatment tank. This is the quilt top after it has soaked for about 8 hours. And yes, from now on I will be giving QOV fabrics a long soak instead of just throwing them in the washing machine.
And now its time to start a new project. And it is pure coincidence that the new project uses the same color as the dyes discharged into the bath water.


  1. Well that one is going to need a second soak for sure! I didn't know that you also do weaving!

  2. You're weaving? What kind of a loom do you have? I just use a simple rigid heddle. I don't have the patience to warp a four-harness!