Friday, January 17, 2014

I was planning on just watching everyone jump into the new year with the scrappy challenge at SoScrappy. My mind was a blank. Until I saw the cats at Mystic Quilter. Then I was jealous. Then I decided I would try and lure those cats off of her that meant birds or fish. I saw this swan used in a quilt in Quilts Japan #4. It looks like an origami crane to me. So that is what I'm going to use as a lure for those cats. Except just making this one about drove me crazy and took longer than I would ever admit to.
I didn't want to figure out how to make the beak (the crane's bill?) every time I made a block, so I decided to make the beaks all at once. I cut strips of the background fabric and marked the center of each 2 inch square (first photo). (This mark is upside down and is really the bottom of the beak). After marking, I cut the two inch squares from the strips. Then I set the squares on the yellow or orange scraps and sewed from my chalk mark to the corner (second photo).  Then I trimmed away the excess (photo 3). And now I have all the beaks I will need so I won't have to rethink that fussy bit each time. Now I have to go make some more blue cranes/swans to catch up with the challenge and link up tomorrow.


  1. Love this post - maybe my cats will be tempted!! What a great idea to make swans and I love the blue fabrics you have used how many do you think you will make? Wondering which colour we will be working with in February.

  2. Coming over from mystic quilter - love your swans (and her cats). Good luck with the blue flock!