Friday, January 3, 2014

Vicki W. has a must read blog post today on how to remove excess dyes from quilts. Although I have made quilts for a long time, I have only recently had a problem with bleeding quilts. I think most of my problems stem from changing to a small front loader that uses very little water.

Being thoughtful and organized, Vicki suggested that before experimenting with my finished quilt, I should test possible results with strip sets left over from making the quilt. I soaked these in a large basin with hot water and synthrapol. And while the red wood grain fabric bled, it was the white fabric with swirls that soaked up any dye it could in any strip set it was part of.

So your goal is not only to protect against bleeders but prevent dye catching as well. And now I have to ask that you stop reading this blog and go read Vicki's instead.

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  1. Thanks for passing this on Sally - the post from Vicki must be further down my blog posts, I am behind in reading them!