Monday, February 17, 2014

Bumble beans has a call for 200 quilts so I thought I would use the opportunity to finish up an Irish Chain quilt I made long time ago. It's much sweeter than this photo would suggest, and I think a recent flurry of pink piecing brought it back to mind. Meanwhile, contrary to previous mutterings, I have a second round of snow dyeing in the works. This time I was able to cut the snow into neat squares with a trowel. Plus I even did some additional planning (GASP!) before launch, so I might have enjoyed the process...slightly. In this case, the enjoyment of the product far exceeds that of the process.
I went out at sunrise this morning hoping to catch the full moon over Pasteur Mountain. That didn't work out, but here's the view down my driveway. We have about six inches of snow left but not for long with 50 degree days forecast for the rest of the week (starting tomorrow).


  1. I will be happy to see every spec of snow gone!

  2. What a view - wow. Good for you donating the quilt.