Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Every time I try snow dyeing, I vow never again. Until the next snow. This round the snow was very uncooperative. My fabric folding was much improved, but that didn't matter because the snow was more of a mist than a substance capable of saturating the dye. For this kind of snow, using a dye concentrate solution instead of the dye powder would probably improve the results substantially. Or maybe doing away with the snow part altogether.
Without a cooperative snow, there is a lot more white showing.
This fabric was wound more tightly than the one above it, so the spiral disappears in the middle.
At least the snow dyeing kept me busy while Tommy is conducting the DNA sequencing of the blue and green mouse babies. And Tommy wants me to point out that DNA sequencing is much harder when you do it all in your head.


  1. There are some fun little sparkly designs in the first fabric--near the outside of the dark purple ring. Very cool!! I feel so sorry for poor Tommy, doing all that complicated DNA work. He should be taking a nap and dreaming of chasing mice instead!! I like the aqua mice---very unique color choice