Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Here's the latest results from snow dyeing. This time the snow was well behaved, but I folded the fabric wrong. In theory, this should be a circle instead of two semi-circles, but it will probably get cut up anyway.
This is how I should have folded the fabric--in fan folds with the selvedges at the top and the fold of the fabric at the bottom. But I flipped it so the selvedges were at the bottom.
This is a closeup of another piece of fabric...this time a simple spiral.
And here is a casualty from the heavy snow--but not the cause of the power outage. I was out shoveling the paved part of the drive and heard a loud crack. Then when I was walking back to the house, I passed this tree--cracked but still standing. Since it was leaning over the driveway, I did not linger. It came down soon after.


  1. It's scary to hear a tree about to fall! Love your snow dyes.

  2. Lovely snow dyeing, hope we'll see what you do with these pieces. Good job no-one was driving along when the tree came down!