Monday, March 24, 2014

I had created so much chaos in the sewing room lately that I finally had to take a time out and clean up. And when I finally saw the cutting table again, I took the opportunity to layer a QOV that had been waiting in the wings.
I also had to cut next year's wood. It is not my primary heating source...its mostly for keeping Tommy happy and in case of a power outage. And this year the time between snow and the onslaught of bugs was negative two days...we're expecting snow tomorrow and I've already picked up a couple of ticks.


  1. You cut all the wood all by yourself? You make me feel so inadequate. I just watched Chris cut wood today while I wrote an artist and then Dropbox deleted and I get to write it again tomorrow and edit all the photos again.
    I'm drinking Scotch right now.

  2. Gosh those are serious chunks of wood! Was it a tree that came down or just marked out for heating?
    Love the look of your quilt, hope you'll post when you've quilted.