Friday, May 9, 2014

We're still working on the Ocean Waves quilt as part of Vicki W.'s HST quilt along.  I decided to finally sew together some of the HSTs although I still have 15 panels of bias cut strips to cut apart into HSTs. Zzzzzzz.
Meanwhile, lady slippers are throwing a party out in the woods.


  1. Your HST's are so colorful and the flower is beautiful!

  2. Hi Sally--I think your Ocean Waves Block is gorgeous...hst's are my bugaboo--I notice that you use bias strip method? I may give that a try...hugs, Julierose P.S. Lovely Lady Slipper, I've never come across one in person...soooo pretty...thanks for sharing

    1. I cut and sewed the bias strip panels over ten years ago...the method was so painful (and inaccurate) I just tucked it away. More recently I've moved to using the Easy Angle demonstrated on (Have a wonderful trip!)

  3. That's really pretty but you probably need to get back to giving Tommy some attention now.

  4. Love these gorgeous ocean colours and good luck with cutting the remainder of your panels!
    Do you have lots of these orchids in the woods?