Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I have spent way too much time on this thing. Many years ago I joined a local mystery quilt group but dropped out in the middle when I found myself constructing four patches from individually cut 2 in squares. Gazillions of them. So the fabric and patched bits were stored away. At times I took it out to use to learn techniques like the fractured quilt and a partial seam technique. Then I thought I would use the parts to build an improv quilt. Then I thought I could use it as a back to a more traditional construction.
This is truly awful. I was thinking Tommy could use it as a fur collection mat to give the Fractured Quilt a break. But then we'd have to look at it. Instead I am going to pack it all away again so I won't waste anymore time just trying to finish it. And what did I learn from all this?
Tommy is adorable when he is napping, despite the obviously diabolical plans he is hatching.

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