Friday, July 25, 2014

I'm reshowing my current progress on the Omigosh quilt because it uses Vicki W.'s hand-dyed fabric, some of which I won participating in this very HSTeria quilt along. Lately, instead of sewing, I have been shoveling out the sewing room in the hopes of locating horizontal surfaces. I may have found the cutting table, one sewing machine table and the floor.
I also thought I should show you more of the craziness out on my front porch. I have six hummingbird feeders, but males like to stake out a whole feeder for themselves. This feeder has apparently been designated for females and babies, and has to be refilled about 3 times a day.


  1. Very pretty omigosh blocks. I am lucky to have one hummingbird at my feeder at a time. I wish I had more.

  2. Very pretty blocks. I do love the brights on white. And don't all quilters have Horizontal Surface Disease? I know I do!

  3. Yes, Vicki's quilt along has made shambles of my sewing room, too!