Saturday, August 23, 2014

As I mentioned in my last post, I am working on a tilted square I-spy quilt for my grand-nephew. I may have gotten carried away because I looked through all of my novelty fabric and fussy cut a few hundred squares with good images for a 3 inch square. Unfortunately I have now learned that three-year old boys don't have king sized beds, so I may have cut too many squares.

I did successfully edit and re-sort my novelty fabric. I even uncovered a significant area of floor space. And more to the point, I have decided that keeping the novelty fabric separate means that it is often left out of quilts. I have learned from the Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilt blog that novelty prints can really add zest and fun to a scrappy quilt. And with that in mind, here is a kitten made of kittens on a bright green background. If you can't get enough of bright green, I suggest you check out what others are making during the month of August at the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.


  1. What a good idea using the kitty fabric! You must have a great assortment of novelties at your place, the giraffe fabric bottom left is fabulous! Also love the lady bug.

  2. Such cute kitty fabric. While it is true that young children don't have giant beds, I am sure you will find many fun ways to put cute novelty fabric to use.

  3. You learned that from me??? Yep, I'm a sucker for novelty prints. Mixed in with all the other florals and solids and geometrics a novelty print here and there (and everywhere) adds a smile to a quilt. The grandkids always love a new quilt. They search through it looking for their favorites and seem to find something different as a fav each time.

    Hmmmm, I'm going to have to look into that tilted I Spy quilt. I think I saw that on another blog. You have fussy cut some cute squares. So, your 3 year old will get two quilts instead of a king-size, huh?