Thursday, August 14, 2014

Today I finished layering the red, white and blue Placid Curves quilt. I realize that there are many new ways to baste a quilt, but I am still using the "safety pin basting method on a table" I learned in the late 70s from Mary Ellen Hopkins. And I'm still using the same table! It's also my cutting table so the biggest challenge for using this method is cleaning off the table. That said, the main goal is to get each layer smooth and let the drape hold everything in place.

Each section is pinned first with an open pin, then in a second step the pins are closed. I started with the middle of the quilt, finished pinning that part and then shifted the quilt to work on the edges smoothing out the layers as I go.

My only innovation is the quilt back inspector. I have always been a bit too lenient with myself, so it helps to have someone else critique the back, regardless of how brutal they may be with their criticism.

After the layered quilt passes inspection, or in my case, the inspector gets bored and wanders off, I trim away the excess backing and batting, fold the layered quilt and wander off to do something else.

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  1. Pity the inspector can't help you with the pinning! He does seem to make a good job of checking things out. Will this be machine quilted?