Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Here is my first draft on the "good" side of the I-spy quilt. First, I had to sort through the blocks determining which were "good" versus "evil." This reminded me of "Spy VS. Spy" from Mad magazine. Am I dating myself? Obviously clowns would go on the evil side along with kittens and teddy bears. But certainly pandas and polar bears should be on the good side. Needless to say, a reversible quilt isn't as easy as it seems.
I find it helpful to take pictures of the block placements because sometimes I can find weird juxtapositions from the photos that I gloss over when looking at the actual blocks.

I don't quite understand how it could happen, but I sense there is some confusion between the photos of Kibble (Tommy's lawyer) and Tommy (Tommy). Admittedly, they both have ears and eyes and the general shape one associates with "cat" but other than that they don't look at all the same to me. I think Tommy would say the biggest difference is that he knew better than to stay out late drinking the day before a photo shoot.


  1. That's going to be a cute quilt!

  2. I get clowns as going on the 'evil' side of the quilt, but I must have missed something with kitten and teddy bears....

  3. That last line definitely sounds like Tommy's sage advice. The resemblance is remarkable, perhaps Tommy planned that.