Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I do have a lot of quilts in process right now...one of which is the legos quilt. It uses a lot of 1.25 inch bits. I have saved a lot from the I-spy quilts and the kitten parts and the cranes. And I want a lot of variety, especially a lot more light and dark strips.

 The cutting is a bit tedious so I thought maybe I would get out the iPod and listen to some tunes...

Well, I guess not. Someone had stripped the iPod of its apps and tunes and everything else and filled it with selfies.

I'm going to consider myself lucky that Tommy was always a tasteful cat and didn't take any inappropriate shots. That I know of.


  1. Well, that's a fun quilt. I make them like that so when I'm really old and in the nursing home I can take some quilts with me and play I Spy by myself. I like the heads of cats, snowmen and worms? peeping out between the foliage. Reminds me my 4 year old grandson wants me to make him a quilt just of eyeballs. Wouldn't that be something? And, why would he want something like that? Hmmmm. At least GS doesn't take my iPod. Oh, that's because I don't have one!