Thursday, September 25, 2014

I have been getting suggestions (both on the blog and in real life) to try my hand at Tommy artwork along the lines of the Jimmy theme. Jimmy's image was rendered in such a variety of styles and media that he had his own show at the local college. I have tried using Tommy imagery but the artwork can never match the real handsome mug. So instead, I've exploited his image on t-shirts, mugs, clocks and bags. Shameless, I know. However, to give him his due, I think I will try my hand at using the image above and translate it in fabric. We'll see how it goes.
Meanwhile you may have been wondering if I found any inappropriate images after discovering my iPod filled with Tommy's selfies. Well, there is this. However, this image is from a scanner and I'm sure that Tommy thought he was having a Catscan...for medical purposes only.


  1. He even had cute feet!! I really like the first image of Tommy. The "catscan"' was hilarious. He was a pro with a camera

  2. What a handsome boy! .... but you know that already! - Deb.... and Miss Lucy. :-)