Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I laid out the first draft of the dark side for the I-spy quilt. I will take my time over the next couple of days to balance out the dark blocks and the yellows. Also, I don't want cat blocks next to each other because they will either fight or conspire.
I also cut the mat board for the Jimmy postcard screen print that I hope will go in a local show. Unfortunately I haven't cut mat board in quite a while and it took A LOT of cardboard to get to this point.
I also spent most of the day waiting for Tommy to show because I knew if anything would bring him back from the great beyond it would be seeing his style icon looking like this.


  1. Yes, he would have had something to say about dignity for cats. He had such sage advice for both humans and cats.

  2. What a neat screen print of Jimmy - when are we going to see one of Tommy?