Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fun New Project!

Here's the fabric I pulled for my new project: clearing out my stash. When I came home from Lancaster, the fabric I bought there started to cry, yell and protest. It had a dream of going home with a quilter who would love it and use it, and not just smash it in with piles and piles of other fabric.  In the past I bought fabric in much larger hunks and I rarely use that much of any one fabric anymore. So my plan is to cut off a half yard or a yard, and let the rest go to someone in my quilt guild who can love it, use it or smash it to the bottom of their hoard.


  1. Go for it, I am sure that you feel much better having lightened the stash - and made someone else happy to have some new fabric to play with! I have been trying to reduce my stash for a few years now, but then when I want a specific colour I dont have it - so frustrating to have too much but not the right colour!!

  2. Oh, my...I see enough for LOTS of donation quilts and quilt backs. Your guild will be busy.