Thursday, March 5, 2015


Here are some more vintage spin blocks. I finally had a day where I spent more time sewing than I did shoveling snow or chipping ice or discovering a fox had gotten into the house for a light snack.

Today was a snow day. Yesterday was a warm day followed by rain, so the ground this morning was finally showing out in the woods.

And here are the woods after about five inches of snow.


  1. The foxes get into your house...really? I didnt think they would be so bold! But I guess a harsh winter makes them so....or are they after cat food? I like your blocks, hope you get more sewing done and see some spring weather soon.

  2. Wish I lived someplace in the woods! I guess it can be quite isolated but peaceful - apart from the foxy visits!
    Love the way you've used these glorious fabrics, my favourite is the bottom left block.