Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Return to the Vintage Spin

Open clear spaces do not last long around here. I decided to use the space to lay out the two sides of the vintage spin quilt--from Kathy Doughty's Adding Layers book. I had decided to make a "Pretty Weird" quilt where I would have pretty vintage spin blocks on one side and weird vintage spin blocks on the reverse side. I separated the two sides last night, and it looks like the division is more between dark warm and light cool colors.

I didn't settle on a final layout because I discovered I needed four more blocks. This required pulling fabric from formerly neat piles to find interesting pairs of fabric.  I will also have to sew the circles into the centers using Judy Dale's 6 minute circle method (the same used to insert owl eyes, for example).  Maybe by the time I get that all done, I can hire the feline expertise to arrange the blocks properly.


  1. I never can bring myself to use a front for the back! I love those blocks, you did a great job with the fabric choices.

    I miss my feline rearranging committee!

  2. I really "need" to make these blocks sometime. I just love them.

  3. I love your idea of the two different sides, you have such a variety of fabrics in the blocks, after seeing your shelves of fabric I can see that you have an endless supply!

  4. This is looking great! I particularly love the look of your vintage spin blocks in the foreground of the 1st pic... interesting combinations!