Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Baby mice

I have so enjoyed working on my nine-patch quilt--because a nine-patch rarely talks back. But my sewing bliss was interrupted when one of the lions was injured. They called for a medic but were quite disappointed with their health plan's provider network.

I figured this was as good a time as any to bring out the giant mice. First, the good news. The owls let out a "WHO-EEK" and went into hiding. The bad news was that the mice insisted that they needed more administrative assistants and billing clerks.

The baby mice were part of last year's Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, but only for the first couple of months so they are limited to the colors of blue, green and purple. And of course, to be a billing clerk, a mouse has to be a warm (preferably fiery) color.

I can only show two of them because the kittens have run off with the others...probably to play with them in the kitchen until they lose them behind the refrigerator.


  1. Oh, stop making me squee! It's undignified in a woman of my age...

  2. The giant mice look extremely happy together but I agree they do need more little helpers!

  3. Baby mice are so cute!! I am sure the Owls will be back. Whoooo is happy with health care??

  4. Sally, it was not until today that I connected you with the wild menagerie I have been seeing on RSC15. In the recent past I posted about my real cat's antics with tossing my box of scraps on the floor. Sadly, he has gone to be in heaven with my son, his real owner. So I do love your funny critters and will continue to keep up with their escapades by following you. Thanks for brightening my days.