Monday, June 22, 2015

Face transplants

Smitty, over at Three Cat Ranch, is having his staff make set in circles.
 Here at No Cat Ranch, we call this technique a Facial Transplant. Smitty's staff inspired me to get back to work on the Lion quilt.
Because the lion's mane is basically a Dresden Plate, I cut the circle wider, but then I just unpick the stitches between the wedges. This gives me all the flaps I need to iron back over the template.
This is what the mane looks like on the other side...before the lion's face is fit into the circle.
 This technique can also be used for much smaller surgeries like eye transplants. The surgeon who developed this technique is Dale Fleming (Pieced Curves So Simple).

 Sometimes you have to take extra care choosing the right lens for the patient.
 And place the eye for adequate peripheral vision.


  1. What a cutie!! I have always loved squirrels and this one is delightful. Are we about to see another quilt??

  2. My staff and I thank you for the exposure. I'll need it when I throw my hat in the ring in my upcoming run for Congress. Smitty.

  3. Squirrel!
    I think your lions are the best use EVAH for Dresden plate blocks. Srsly.

  4. I love Dale Fleming's circle and use it as often as I have to set in circles. Last one I did was the cow quilt. People are still laughing at me for that one! I bought a box of ugly cow fabrics at an quilt guild auction for $3.00 because no one was bidding on it. For a good cause, you know. It made 3 cow quilts! Amazing things! And they were laughing........