Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kitten project

It is taking me way too long to sew the longitudinal sashing for the kittens quilt top. So why don't I blame it on my visitors. And seriously, it is taking a lot of effort to confine their mess, noise and chaos to one room. And while I'm venting, I hope I don't offend anyone, but it is possible to use the "I'm a single mother of triplets" card a few too many times. That just doesn't excuse you to drone on and on about the benefits of massage therapy when your son has your daughter pinned to the ground in a head lock.

Tommy would say that my visitor has "lack of planning" and "care free" written all over her face, but then he was never a fan of abstract expressionism.

And cats should never be allowed to name their kittens.  While the names "Tuna" "Anchovy" and "Trout" are unique and creative, it sadly establishes a prey mindset within a ferocious predator.


  1. How long are the visitors staying?

  2. Are there any human visitors?

  3. Oh! Oh oh oh!
    (I love the black and white one best...)

  4. I assumed you were having human visitors!! They are all beautiful - are they only staying the week?????

  5. Oh my. I'd say, "Here comes trouble," but it looks like trouble is already here. Good luck with that fearsome trio.