Monday, June 8, 2015

Peacock 2.0

Thanks to your helpful comments yesterday, I decided to take a second run at the peacock. First, I gave him some dried grass to stand on so he could show off his toes. Then, the peacock was quite upset yesterday when people complimented "the background" but didn't mention his plumage. And peacocks do not tolerate anyone ignoring their plumage. So I rounded off the edges and from now on let's refer to the log cabin blocks as peacock feathers. Thank you.


  1. Nice toes! And plumage! Excellent plumage!
    (Peacock mollification accomplished?)
    Peacock 2.0 is much more peacocky. (That's a word, right?) Is he still too big for the other birds, though?

  2. Ah that is much better, I was a bit distracted visually previously, but I can see you so much better now, from your tippy toes to the top of your head!

  3. Oh yes, he looks much happier now and like the way you rounded off the "background"!

  4. Oh, gosh.......such an improvement! He looks MAR-VELOUS, dahling!