Monday, June 29, 2015

Scrap Vortex

I decided to start a Scrap Vortex quilt after seeing Mystic Quilt's post about making her version and following along at Crazy Mom Quilts.  I can see from this start that I need to work on some contrast. I tend not to use light fabrics and only a smattering of dark. So my scrap quilts can tend toward a medium bright mush.

And speaking of mush...the kittens on the design wall are piled on top of each other quivering in terror.
With good reason.


  1. Great Cowering Kitties!
    (Of course, they might just be hanging on because they're afraid of being sucked up into the vortex...)

  2. I think that kitten is spiderman material.

  3. Oh my, I had forgotten the trials of climbing everything with kittens!