Thursday, September 3, 2015

Double Nine Patch Revisited

Hopefully this double nine patch makes a bit more sense. I did use my seam ripper...and this doesn't bother me because whenever I use my sewing machine, I'm guaranteed to use my seam ripper. For me, quilting is a bit like driving a car...sometimes I use the gas pedal and sometimes I use the brakes. And let's not forget using reverse and even turning around and going back the other way.

And with respect to the comment that I switch the dark blocks for the light to make a lighter quilt, I suggest you contact your sister immediately and ask her to make you that quilt.

Meanwhile, at Kitten U we worked on knocking items off a desk and having staff retrieve the items. There was also a study period dedicated to chasing the arrow on the computer screen and executing previously unknown keyboard commands. We also reached new heights in scaling the stash. And finally, I would like to mention that Kitten U provides a runway (made of leftover binding) that runs through the sewing room. Reno first demonstrated its use by running up and down it and attacking it. For reasons unknown to the staff at Kitten U, pulling on this to straighten it is quite exciting.


  1. Thank you for another educational post from Kitten U. I'll admit I really didn't see the mistake when you posted this the first time...before owning up to it...but now that it's fixed, it does look more orderly. Very pretty quilt.

  2. 9 patch looks great, love your scrap quilts.

  3. Definitely makes sense now, I think it's a beauty!

  4. It's good to see that Kitten U offers such a well-rounded program. I predict that, after graduation, he'll have no trouble finding a job in his field.
    Love your quilt, too. 8)

  5. Sometimes I don't use the brakes...I just open the door and stick my foot out (after I take it out of my mouth). Anything is better than ripping!