Thursday, September 24, 2015


Having a window of time without kitten supervision, I pulled out a blue and white Homespun pattern quilt my grandmother made and my brother had sent to me for possible repair. I really like the pattern along the border.
Also surprising is my grandmother's choice of a white binding. The back is the dark blue and you can see her hand quilting in white thread.

My aunt, who preferred counted cross stitch, made cross stitch replicas of some of my grandmother's quilts. She started with the Homespun quilt because it was the most obvious pattern.

Meanwhile, only two kittens were adopted today: Bootsie and Sassafras. Both are calico females. And since Bootsie was shown during a feature on the local news, she obviously had an unfair advantage. And of course, more kittens were added to the adoption roster. Not shown here are a litter of five marmalade (all orange tabby) kittens. Pictured above is you know Daytona won't be getting much sleep until that pirate is adopted.

Tomorrow I go an pick up my new foster: a six week solo kitten on medications for an upper respiratory infection.


  1. What a beautiful heirloom to have! Blackbeard is a cutie. Watch out Daytona.

  2. What a beautiful heirloom to have! Blackbeard is a cutie. Watch out Daytona.

  3. that quilt is awesome! And what a wonderful way to memorialize the quilts!

    I think that is the perfect name for that kitty! Blackbeard, LOL.........

  4. What a stunning quilt, hope the repair goes successfully.

  5. What kind of repair are you tackling?
    I have to admit that, much as I adore Daytona, Blackbeard would steal my heart. My favorite cat ever was a small black and white, and has spoiled me forever for that colorway. If Blackbeard is also a manx, I would have to attempt teleporting to get there in the shortest possible time...