Friday, September 18, 2015

Kitten and stars

I think Daytona is surfing on the internet to find new evil activities, all unauthorized by Kitten U. I suspect that Smitty at Three Cat Ranch is responsible for Daytona taking over my sewing chair. Then there's the broken pottery... And of course this morning, I called Daytona and he started to run towards me, stopped half way, switched to a stroll, turned 90 degrees and gave me a level 3 look of disdain (on a 1 to 10 scale).

After I got my chair back, I made four wonky stars.

To start making the stars, I first pick the fabric from a pile of precut 3.5 inch squares of fabric. Four of the squares are sliced in half to make the star points.

Of course, Alycia who is sponsoring this QOV block drive has an excellent tutorial on making wonky stars. And the star wonkiness depends on how the star points are sewn to the background. However, you have to be careful because some angles won't completely cover the background. To avoid having to think that through for each star point, I stack them up for each day's stars. Yes, the stars for each day are somewhat the same, but over the entire batch they will differ and look wonky.

After chain piecing the star points, I iron the flap back on the front side. I then trim the excess off the star point from the back side (see the top row in the photo). Then because I don't like all the excess bulk of the fabric, I turn the block to the front side, flip the star point back and trim away the background fabric.

Next, I repeat the stacking for the second star point. After this is sewn, I also trim the block and cut away the excess background fabric. Then I sew the stars together.  Finally, I run off to see what mischief Daytona has gotten into because apparently when a kitten turns 3 months old they no longer want to be around you every minute of every day.

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  1. Oh, that Smitty - he is a tricksy fellow... No telling what Daytona might be absorbing. 8)