Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kitten competition

Here is Daytona's publicity photo and yes, this means he's up for adoption. This photo was taken when he first arrived at the shelter at about 4 to 5 weeks old, and just before he came down with the upper respiratory virus and the conjunctivitis that affected his right eye. He also still has his kitten blue eyes.

Daytona is a wonderful kitten and although there are roughly 30 kittens up for adoption right now, I wasn't concerned about his competition.  Until now...

These kittens were just added to the adoption roster today...just like Daytona.

Let's start with the obvious...a kitten named Tommy! And three of the kittens can build with Legos...a scandalous omission here at Kitten U. And while Bob is clearly the dim bulb of the bunch, he makes up for it with meticulous posing. Check out that tail wrap.


  1. I have always wanted to volunteer at our local no-kill animal shelter (their kitty city unit) but I know I would fall in love with every single little furball and want to bring them home. And I don't believe Darla and Alfalfa would stand for it!

  2. Your blog is like a drug, keep those cute photos coming. Best of luck to Daytona, I'm sure he will catch up on Lego skills.

  3. Bob obviously went to the same modeling school as Smitty.

  4. Too bad his photo doesn't show off those secret ninja camo stripes - that would leave the competition in the dust...

  5. I think you need Frankie and Tommy and also Daytona.

  6. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Daytona gets a really good home - the other four are also real honey kitties.
    Love their names.