Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nine patches and Wonky stars

Pardon me if I show the double nine patch again. Daytona has made it his special project to pull the blocks off of the design wall. As I was then picking them up from the floor, I realized that a number of the dark blocks had mistakes in their nine patches. So after a bit of reverse sewing, this is how it looks. (Until Daytona pulls it down again.)

This is the configuration of the nine patch that goes in the dark block.

Meanwhile, I should mention that Daytona passed his eye exam with flying colors and will be staying with me for two more weeks with only 3 eye treatments per day. But he was quite upset to have lost a day of studies, and when he got back to Kitten U (where we make cats of tomorrow great again), he ran around in a desperate and crazed attempt to catch up. I'm also considering whether Kitten U should recruit another kitten so that Daytona can harass, I mean, mentor it.

And last but not least, taking a page from Cathy (of Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting), I am going to make a handful of wonky stars every day until towards the end of Alycia's block drive (Veteran's Day). Here is today's installment.


  1. Poor Daytona - he kept trying to tell you there was a mistake in the blocks, and you thought he was just randomly pulling them from the wall...
    I love your nine patches. I'm trying to decide if I should start one just like it. Well, I'm *going* to start one just like it, the decision involves when.

  2. See how smart your studio assistant is!!! Yay for Daytona! Glad his eye is almost fully healed and he received a good report card. Graduation from Kitten U in 2 weeks? Love the wonky stars - they are so much fun to make!