Friday, September 11, 2015

Owl prep

When I designed the owl block at the beginning of the year, I continued with the original design although the owl toes are a bit ridiculous. Those are 1 inch squares for flip triangles. I know, I know...this is child's play for all the Dear Jane and miniature folks. I realized I could not face making this every month, so I made some up in advance. But yes, I have run out. So today was dedicated to owl toes so I can introduce Rusty the Owl for tomorrow's Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.

I did extract all the orange strips I needed from the 1.5 inch strip pile, although I had to fight Smaug the Dragon Kitten for each one. In revenge, the kitten finally took the leap to the sewing table and also made a flying leap (unsuccessful) to the ironing board. So now I have the task of reconfiguring the sewing room to make it safe for a kitten who is testing his boundaries. And my patience.

And today the four-a-day wonky stars are red.


  1. Owl toes. Making lots of owl toes. Getting ahead on owl toes.
    I love it.
    That's some pretty bold leaping for a kitten with no depth perception...