Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quilting Progress and Kitten Woes

Here's my progress on the spiderweb. So far I am enjoying the sewing part immensely. Much easier than the procrastination that led up to this. I'd also like to mention that the turquoise and yellow was inspired by an antique quilt shown here at the Mingei International Museum.

And here are my wonky stars from yesterday. Alycia is having a mid-month block round up of these blocks and because I will be going into town to the post office, I plan to send her what I have so far.

 So obviously, my patchwork is proceeding more smoothly than serving as Dean of Kitten U. Daytona is now three months old...WAY too old to be considered a kitten anymore. And at this age, they can no longer contain all the evil that lurks within and they rampage around the house. Daytona can also now jump up to 30 inches which now makes the cutting and sewing tables accessible. At the same time, Daytona is suffering from senioritis and is taking classes for an easy A.

Or worse, he gets wasted and just lays around like a slacker.

It seems so long ago when the youth of Kitten U respected their elders.


  1. Love your Spiderweb! Those kittys are so awesome! Senioritis!!

  2. I've been trying to resist the lure of a Spiderweb. You're making it harder...
    Daytona is cute even when he's slacking. Has he declared a major yet?

  3. I tell my friends who what babies to remember that they eventually become teenagers! lol!

  4. I must say I do like the fact that whilst going with one colour for the body of the"web" you've kept every outer strip one colour, they look beautiful butted up together. I followed the link and it really is a super quilt. How big are you intending yours to be? Super photo of Daytona flat out there!

  5. Oh that spiderweb!! LOVE it!!!