Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stars and spiderwebs

Here are my wonky stars for the day. I made a star within a star because I figured out that all I would have to do is use 1.5 inch squares to construct a 3.5 unfinished wonky star. That makes it the right size to fit into the center of the stars for Alycia's QOV block drive.

Then I thought I would assemble the spiderweb triangles into blocks to see if I should take out the foundations papers before or after I assemble the block. I definitely prefer the paper out first. The blocks are easier to sew...especially because I need to match up the turquoise and yellow. Plus, the additional seams would mean smaller paper bits to deal with.

Some of you suggested that Daytona should help to remove the paper foundation from the back of the spiderweb triangles...but he insists that only a 5 week old kitten would be willing to do that menial of a task, not a mature 13 week old cat. So instead, I removed the bits of paper and let them flutter, and Daytona pounced on them and brought them to the floor. And if I didn't work fast enough he would pounce on me instead. Needless to say, I figured out a way to remove them quite quickly.

Tomorrow, Daytona will return to the shelter to have his eye examined. He will either come back with me for a while or be put up for adoption. It will ultimately depend on the health of his eye, because he has already proven himself a master in the feline art of persuasion.


  1. So bittersweet.......good eye health vs leaving his "home"

  2. Feline Art of Persuasion.... what kind of university are you running? Bwahh haa haa - he looks pretty comfy there!!

  3. Oh, I'm going to miss picture of Daytona! But I'm sure there will be new students to take his place. And I'm loving your spiderweb quilt; its on my quilty bucket list.

  4. He may be looking all cute and stuff, but I see those claws dug into the chair there...
    Hoping for the best outcome for him. Whatever that turns out to be.