Monday, September 7, 2015

Wonky Stars and Strips

I am making wonky stars as part of Alycia Quilts' 2015 QOV block drive. And you can too. This is my first time making wonky stars although its pretty much just free form flip triangles.  Alycia gives a tutorial on her blog. For my first stars I was not cutting away the base fabric, but I think on the next round I will. She says we can make them either way.

And just like most people on a Sunday afternoon, I was sorting through my collection of 1.5 inch strips. I was pulling out orange strips for a Rainbow Scrappy Challenge owl and fish...and also some dark and light strips for more nine patches.

But at Kitten U, this sparked a serious debate about whether strips attack kittens or kittens attack strips. I am obviously not taking this photo with a kitten in the room because that would be much too dangerous. Right now the strips are resting and not on the attack while Daytona is back at the shelter getting his eye checked and more serum made. I assume Daytona will be coming home tonight unless he reports Kitten U to authorities as unsafe for foster kittens.


  1. Those are fantastic stars!!!! Love the colors!!

  2. Sounds like Daytona is a philosophy major...
    Love your stars!

  3. What a lot of 1.5" strips!!!!! No wonder you've been able to make the lovely Lego quilt, plenty still left too!!

  4. Me again - forgot to say I do like your wonky stars, I must have a go at these sometime.