Monday, October 19, 2015

Dear Jane blocks H8 and M2

Fabadashery had another drawing of Dear Jane blocks so I thought I should make some progress before I get too far behind. And yes, I'm sure you spotted it immediately. My Eaton's Crossroad is an X instead of a plus sign. I promise that no drinking was involved.
And despite having made it wrong, here's how it went together. First, I used strip piecing techniques to make the square cross. I also made the circle from background fabric that will be sewn onto the square cross using the Dale Fleming Simple Circle method. And for the outer four triangle insets, I made eight half square triangles using the Easy Angle ruler.

And here you can see that I didn't set the circle on top of the cross correctly. But since I think I like the block better this way, I didn't fix it. To make the four triangle insets, I sewed two of the half triangles together along the diagonal (but slightly off) and ironed over the flap. Then the block is completed just by sewing on strips and cutting away excess.

Now that I have these two Dear Jane blocks finished I think I'll get back to making more kitten ears. Hey, I think I've thought of another shortcut...where's Roy?


  1. this will be such a beautiful quilt! well worth all the tiny work.

    I expect to see a picture of Roy soon, WITH his own ears........Both of them......I will be counting!

  2. I just "discovered" your blog through Fabadashery. I absolutely LOVE your Kaffe Dear Jane blocks! This quilt will be so stunning when you finish it.