Friday, October 16, 2015

Dear Jane Excluded Blocks

As all Dear Jane fans know, Jane Stickle made many more blocks than what she finally included in her masterpiece quilt. Following the infamous appendix containing all the blocks that didn't make the cut, here is the kitten and fish blocks.

As you can see, these blocks fit into the 4.5 inch block size constraint. And it raises the obvious question of why some blocks were chosen and not others.


  1. Well, I believe I am going to like your Dear Sally quilt much better.......

  2. I can't imagine why Jane left out those blocks! I wonder if she was she afraid the kitten would eat the fish?

  3. I like the sound of that Dear Sally quilt...

  4. More like a Silly Sally Dilly Dallies quilt!
    Those teeny fish are cute. I might have to make some next year for RSC. But then again they remind me of suppositories.