Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More Dear Jane blocks

This could be a study in contrasts, but its really just two more Dear Jane blocks. The top block is C12 or Family Union and the bottom block is F13 or Tour de France. Yellow was an obvious choice. And as a reminder, the blocks are 5 inches unfinished, so the smallest squares in the nine patch are half inch finished. The nine patches are 1.5 inches finished.

Meanwhile, Roy the Kitten went to the shelter today for a check-up. He bit no hands, including mine, leaving me looking like a delusional nut case. And yes, I did hear some chuckling in the carrier on the way back. So Roy will be staying at Kitten U for a couple more weeks working on his independent studies: plastic bag and eating.


  1. Cali would curse like a sailor the minute I put her in the crate to head to the vet. She would spit and scream and yell and question my ethnic origins. In the waiting room, she would continue so that people would move away from us to the other side of the building. Once in the exam room, I would open the crate and she would be the sweetest, most docile kitten creature loving on the vet and making the most wonderful purring sounds. On the way home, out came Franken-Kitty. And she wouldn't speak to me for a week!

  2. I'm sure Roy would love to help with these teeny tiny pieces for your quilt!