Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One more triangle and Lovey Boy Roy

I think Dear Jane may have been an improv piecer, because the triangles have weird wedges and slices. Gwen Marston says if you don't have enough fabric, add some. Too much, cut it away. This makes for some very interesting patterns. However, I didn't sign a rule book, so I'm making the blocks with combinations of piecing and applique that make sense to me.

And here are the four triangles from Fabadashery's draw: the seventh position. That means that these triangles are in the seventh position on the top, bottom, left and right sides. Since I am not making these according to a plan, I expect my placement to be different.

And here is Foster Kitten Roy deciding between good and evil. And to his credit, he is listening to his better angel lately and is working on becoming Lovey Boy Roy. That kitten purrs and enjoys a good head massage with strokes on his forehead, cheeks and under his chin. In this particular case, he went with the dark force and began attacking me and became "Go To Your Room Roy."


  1. One step forward, two (or three) (or four) steps back...