Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quilt Auction and Dear Jane

First, let's address the bad news and the good news. The bad news is that Roy the Foster Kitten wasn't adopted today and there are about 47 kittens currently up for adoption. The good news is that the local news did not feature children being rushed from the shelter to local hospitals.

Meanwhile, you may remember this donated Ocean Waves quilt. Unfortunately, the gala dinner and blind auction event was cancelled and most of the 50 quilts were reclaimed by their makers. The remainder are included in an online auction that will benefit the original cause...a local nursing home. Oddly, my quilt is called Olivia's Batik Ocean Waves quilt, named after one of the residents of the nursing home. And indeed, all of the quilts in the auction sport names of the residents.

 And continuing with making the Dear Jane quilt blocks, this is Walter's Place or L9.

I used my usual flip triangle methods to make this block. I surrounded four squares with flip triangles. (And I don't know who these blocks fought with to get so frayed.)

Then I added stripping around the block, where the strips were formed by joining rectangles with flip triangles on the end. (When joined, they make the light triangles in the outer border.) Then to finish, its just a matter of adding four larger flip triangles of light background fabric to the four corners of the block.

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  1. Poor Roy - Does he stay with you longer? The ocean waves is beautiful - sorry about the auction