Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Seahorse, Dear Jane L11 and Roy

Now that Roy has vacated the premises, I have gone scavenging in the sewing room to assess the damage. This seahorse floated to the top of the debris.

I also made Dear Jane block L11 or Caitlin's Rose. I used strip piecing to make the center and background squares. And then I appliqued the center square on top of the background square.

And now I really have to make sincere apologies to Roy. I had put the blended kitten ear border around the quilt when Roy went on a tear and most of the ears ended up on the floor. I thought it was naughtiness but really...he must have noticed the kitten ears were facing the wrong way. I sewed a string of them together before I realized what he had already figured out. So out came the seam ripper.

I also had to delete all the selfies that Roy put on my iPod. I explained to him that he was going to have his manhood removed today and then he was going to be put in a cage where he would meet children of all ages. I suggested that he save his biting behavior until after his adoption.

 And as I was writing this blog post, Roy was put up for adoption on the shelter's website. This is the publicity shot that he decided to use.

Here is some of Roy's competition. This is Cobweb. Like most matchmaker websites, Cobweb put in a much younger shot of herself when she's actually three months old. But she does go well with plaid.

This little firecracker was adopted today, so he's not going to be competition after all.

And this is Merino...where a picture is worth a thousand words.


  1. Best of luck to the children meeting Roy.

  2. Will there be a new student for Kitten U?

  3. I love that seahorse! Love!
    Roy certainly looks a bit... umm... friendlier in his publicity shot. Good move.

  4. Love the selfies! And with his choice of profile picture, I am sure he will be finding a forever home soon. SO cute! Good idea to keep the biting to a minimum though.

  5. I'm playing catch up with reading posts - love your very clever seahorse! Hope Roy can fend off the opposition and find a home quickly and I have to agree with your comment on poor old Merino!