Monday, October 26, 2015

The Day Before Graduation from Kitten U

I'm as guilty as the next blog. That said, we all have a responsibility to consider carefully what cat activity is posted on our blogs and what impressionable minds might be lurking. I just may be pointing you out, Cat Patches.

So, here is Roy following Smitty's advice to take over the sewing chair. Apparently there was also some advice in there somewhere about waking everyone (in this case me) at 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM. Roy has developed a piercing kitten cry that cannot be ignored. This also limits my ability to keep him out of the sewing room if that's where I am.

I have to move the sewing chair away from the sewing table to keep Roy from the kitten death trap or more realistically, to protect my sewing supplies and sewing machine from Roy. Unfortunately, he had read Smittora The Explorer's advice to get high, and used the relocated sewing chair to launch himself on top of the shelves holding my stash. The only calm of the day is when Roy takes scrunched paper into the bathtub for a frolic...because Roy is the kitten that never sleeps.

And yes, Roy the Foster Kitten graduates from Kitten U on Wednesday whereupon he will have to go out and get a real job.


  1. I hope none of his prospective employers see that first photo - it looks like he's plotting mutiny and he's not even hired yet...

  2. Oh, his eyes look good, you did a wonderful job taking care of him. He will make his next owner MISERABLY happy!

  3. so adorable -- too bad I don't live closer! (actually we have a cat cafe here where you can hang out with and adopt cats and I've been avoiding it because they all look wonderful but I have a new sofa...) i can't wait to see who your next "student" is.

  4. Oh my. I had no idea Smitty was co-opting impressionable minds into his Catopia of Evildoings. I shall speak to him immediately. It will do no good, however. Still, I will feel as if I've done my purrt.

  5. Oh dear - I shall miss Roy!! I guess you won't miss the bitten hands and so on - but I do hope he has a happy life! He has certainly had a good start thanks to you.