Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Owl Post

I've been digging around through the archives because this blog desperately needs a reorganization. I can't find the various tutorials, so probably no one else can either. Also, I'm trying to figure out what to start for the New Year...uhm...that's tomorrow. I started this blog as part of a "Make a design everyday" project, and I'm wondering if I should relaunch one. Although my initial inspiration was Brock Davis, Noah Scalin has made the daily project extremely accessible through his books and websites.

Short story long...I rediscovered this fused owl from 2011.

I used that same design as a screenprint on a onesie. I did the screenprinting in the garage using my car as the drying rack. And I still have bits of blue paint on the car to prove it.

I also printed fabric at Spoonflower using this design. But no, I am not planning an owl a day project. This was accomplished quite brilliantly by Tanya Green through Noah Scalin's project.

 Of course, the major accomplishment of the year was Buddy's transition from feral to cuddle bug. And yes, Buddy get's all the credit because he put in all the hard work. Trust doesn't come easy. Now he does let me rub his belly and I can lift him into my lap when I'm sitting on the floor.

And I do have to point out his funny markings. He obviously has the seal point markings of a Siamese with blue and crossed eyes, but then you can see the tabby patch on his right leg. He says that he got that from his tabby sisters biting him on the neck.

And Molly is now CEO of Kitten U and spends her day managing me and Buddy. This morning she was teaching Buddy about gravity and how to make upstairs toys become downstairs toys. She does have me fetch them back upstairs though, in case Buddy needs more demonstrations.

She is also working to change Kitten U into a Kitten Resort but apparently I am resistant to new and better ideas.

We're still working on lifts and holds. I can lift her from a standing position from floor to chair. And I can hold her in my arms for a very short while before she needs to wiggle free. But otherwise, she is a lap marshmallow and likes to stay close. (Although it may just be that I need closer management than Buddy.)


  1. Buddy and Molly have really grown up. So cute. Here's to another great year (or at least semester) at Kitten U! And I know you will come up with lots more great designs. Happy New Year!!

  2. More great owls. Really one design a day, that is very ambitious, but happy to sit back and watch you pump out more great inspiration! Thank yo so much for sharing, I enjoy it daily!

  3. Owwwwwlll! Pudgy owwwwwwwwl! (He's very adorable!)
    I'm glad Buddy pulled his grades up in cuddling. I was quite worried about him...

  4. Love the owl onesie!! Buddy and Molly are most certainly coming along so well with your help, they're beautiful looking kittens. Happy New Year to you and the kitties!

  5. Your owl is so neat. Happy New Year!