Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blue Fish

When I stacked up my fish blocks from this year's Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, I found that I only have about half the number of blocks I had planned to make. There were a couple of months where I only added a couple of fish, and now I am going to be spending a lot of time fishing to make up for those months. This is my catch for the day.

Happily, I am not expecting any more trouble from Storms. Typhoon finally came out to join the baby food pig out contest last night and to study feather aerial dynamics. Hopefully he will be back to carrying his full course load by this evening.


  1. Now as long as the girls don't try to tie him up with his collar again, he should be able to focus on his studies.
    If he doesn't get too distracted by all those fish, of course.

  2. I guess your time up until Christmas will be on the fish! Pleased Typhoon is back in the game.